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Today's business requirements for converged ethernet services are pushing the requirements for wide area connectivity (WAN) in uch the same direction as the Local Area Network (LAN). That means highly secure connections and improved throughput, enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) capabilty for digital voice (VoIP) and high Virtual Private Networks (VPN) density for distributed central site applications.

Allied Telesyn's AR-series of secure modular and fixed configuration routers include solutions for EI/ TI, xDSL, Ethernet, ISDN and frame relay, as well as PSTN and leased line connections. This range of secure routers is ideally suited to a variety of organizations and businesses, ranging from multi-site enterprises with high-bandwidth and security requirements, to individual teleworkers working remotely over broadband VPNs.

All AR- series routers aoofer an extensive feature set that includes :

  • Extensive VPN capability
  • Superior Quality of Service (QoS)
  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing
  • WAN load balancing
  • Enhanced security