IP Telephony

IP Telephony

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The explosion of the internet has made Internet Protocol (IP) the most widely used of all. Increasing sophistication and functionality has meant it is easier than ever for businesses to connect employes, partners, customers and suppliers. AT the same time, more and more companies are looking for ways to adopt new processes and applications to solve their issues and stay ahead of competition.

IP telephony means the provision of full telephony services not just voice but dial tone, call waiting and the like - over an IP infrastructure. IP telephony is about creating end to end delivery of service. This stretches all the way from basic calls up to the provision of advanced applications such as unifies messaging or content delivery.

Using IP Telephony will allow businesses to introduce solutions such as intelligent contact management and unified messaging. By prioritising traffic in this way organisations can reduce costs, increase productivity, and achieve faster time to market. The result being even greater business agility, increased revenue and higher profit margins.

To successfully implement these solutions a new type of network is required, a coveraged network. This type of network integrates voice and data onto an IP multi service network.