Network Management Software

Network Management Software

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ManageEngine OpManager comes from AdventNet, leader in the network management area for the past seven years. With OpManager managing networks, IT personnel teams have the time and flexibility to focus on critical aspects like capacity planning and resource optimization, which are critical in today’s environment.

Today’s networked corporations have multiple management needs, that includes monitoring WAN links for inter-office connectivity to monitoring servers and applications that keep the business running. Understanding these requirements OpManager focuses on providing most of the commonly needed fault and performance management functionality across Networks, Systems and Applications from a single console

OpManager is designed for today’s complex networks and is nimble in it’s customer-centric functionality such as single console, as it is designed to cut the fat but retain the essential ingredients of network management. OpManager is an extremely cost-effective offering that is affordable to acquire and at almost zero cost to maintain. OpManager is ready roll into production from the box with it’s easy-to-use and simple applicability that reduces the time required to implement and learn.



Manage Engine OpMAnager is a feature-packed network monitoring and analysis tool. OpManager monitors networks, systems, services, and applications, offering advanced network management functionality at an affordable price. OpManager is easy to install and use, and provides the integrated functionality of Fault, Performance, Reporting and Inventory Management that can only be accomplished in high-end framework-based offerings.